Core Services Quality Control Assurance

As manufacturers, quality is always the most critical requirement for any type of product we produce.  That is why Tech O.E.M. makes it the most important protocol of the entire management process.  Tech O.E.M. uses strict quality control systems on each step of supply chain to make sure quality is overseen from the raw material to the shipment of the finished product. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we follow accordingly with the standard operating procedures and ensure that no steps are neglected during the entire order process. We also maintain strict data and tracking systems for all of all our products and parts throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process. Using this data, we can quickly solve any potential problems, minimizing impact to our clients.

Close proximity to our partner manufacturers allows us to be more control of the quality procedures at each step, including but not limited to just physical inspection. We help the customer to understand what actions are taken at each step, making sure the product has the highest industry quality available. 
Also, having in-house lab and experience quality control staff, we are capable of professional product quality testing and assessments. To verify our quality, we certify our products according to worldwide known standards, such as NSF, CUPC, and others.