TECH O.E.M. is a certified IS0-9001 (TÜV) Manufacturer. We offer a broad range of manufacturing capabilities and have successfully developed many OEM plumbing products made specifically to customers' requests.

The TECH OEM Laboratory has satisfactorily demonstrated its compliance to ISO/IEC 17025 Quality system. TECH OEM Laboratory is accepted and listed by IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. as a Manufacturer In-House Testing Laboratory and it give us a clear advantage for quality control assurance and helps us to develop safe,reliable, new products.

Renew certification
Tech O.E.M. has the first Asian laboratory certified by The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. In this lab we can run product specifications and performance tests, such as:
  • ASME:
    • ASME A112.18.1‐2018/ CSA B125.1‐18 (except Toxicity and High Efficiency Showerhead Testing)
    • ASME A112.18.2‐2015/ CSA B125.2‐15
    • ASME A112.18.3‐2002 (R2012)
    • ASME A112.18.6‐2017/CSA B125.6‐17 (except 4.1.1)
    • ASME A112.21.3M‐1985 (R2007)
  • ASSE:
    • ASSE 1001‐2017
    • ASSE 1011‐2017
    • ASSE 1016‐2017/ ASME A112.1016‐2017/ CSA B125.16‐17 (Section 3.1 thru 3.8)
    • ASSE 1019‐2011 (Section 3.1, 3.3 thru 3.11)
    • ASSE 1061‐2015
  • ASTM:
    • ASTM F409‐2017 (Except Section 8.4)
  • CSA:
    • CSA B125.3‐ 2018
  • IAPMO:
    • IAPMO/ANSI Z1157‐2014 (except section 4.2)

We understand the importance of product certification for professional plumbing products.
We are following the industry new regulations closely and adjust our products development and production accordingly.
What's more, our in-house IAPMO lab helps us quickly apply for new certifications, because we can perform many of tests in it.
Below we've listed certificates we have successfully applied for or are in process of applying.