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About Us

Since it was founded in 1975, Tech O.E.M. has served as a prominent plumbing vendor throughout many parts of the world. With products ranging from faucets to valves to bathroom accessories, we have experience of OEM development in supplying various plumbing parts to various wholesalers. Based in Taichung, Taiwan, our headquarters serves as an R&D center that is also strategically situated within close proximity of Taiwanese plumbing industrial hub. In addition, our North American office established in Chicago allows for us to support direct communication both locally and internationally. With this, our engineering, R&D, in-house IAPMO certified Lab, can satisfy your OEM quality demands.

Competitive Advantage

While it’s understandable that the market continues to evolve, we make sure to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. By doing so, we change together with it, adapting to new standards and needs of our clients.
The current evolution allows for us to contribute in protecting the environment by offering lead-free and water saving products.
Our core competencies:
In-house IAPMO certified laboratory.
Research and Development.
Engineering capabilities.
Network of associated manufacturers.
Quality Control – Reliability.
Supply Chain management services.
Customer Service.

Supplier Assistance

Tech O.E.M. has positioned itself to assist you in:
Engineering and design of new products.
Improvements of existing products.
Supplying you with customized OEM parts.
Cost reducing in transactions, sourcing, and products.
Assuring consistent quality of products by establishing our own manufacturing operations.


By using our IAPMO certified in-house laboratory, advanced technology, research, and support center, along with Tech O.E.M.’s years of experience in joint programs with well-known worldwide plumbing manufacturers allows our company to offer a broad range of plumbing products for manufacturing services done via OEM, ODM, or DIY, to meet our client’s various procurement needs.

What We Offer