Core Services R&D and Manufacturing Integration

Our value proposition is very straightforward, designed to make our customer's overseas manufacturing endeavors as seamless as possible
•Quality: Tech O.E.M. ensures that the product quality is up to customer standards. We can physically audit manufacturing facilities and using our onsite engineers we can perform quality assurance procedures, saving you inspection costs.
•Risk Management: Tech O.E.M.'s long standing relationships and broad network of manufacturing partners mitigates customer risk against fluctuations in currency exchange rates, raw material prices, labor constraints, transportation disruptions, and supply chain scheduling problems. 
•Engineering and Manufacturing: Tech O.E.M. can help you lower the costs of global sourcing by integrating engineering and product development with manufacturing and logistics activities. You can save on time and expenses by having Tech O.E.M. do the full product development process with one supplier. 
•Key localization: Tech O.E.M.'s headquarters are located in central Taiwan, close to the Taiwanese bathroom and kitchen products cluster. That give as quick access to smaller suppliers, that can provide high quality, customized items. It's also only few hours away from China, making it possible to build business relationships in the Mainland. Also, TECH cooperates closely with offices located in the Ningbo area.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our Facility